Death by a Thousand Clearcuts

This website takes its name from three regrettable situations now playing out in the Upper Clearwater Valley near Wells Gray Provincial Park – two hours north of Kamloops and six hours northeast of Vancouver.

All trace directly to environmental deregulation by the B.C. Liberal government over the past sixteen years, and all have lately been exacerbated by the forestry giant Canadian Forest Products, or CANFOR.


Endangered Species Imperilled: Caribou

  • Government complicity in the collapse of a uniquely Canadian Mountain Caribou herd – down by about two-thirds since the B.C. Liberals took office in 2001.

Broken-treaty Governance: Democracy

  • Government betrayal of a 1999 formal land-use agreement called the Guiding Principles:, intended to strike a lasting balance among local stakeholders.

Economic Tunnel Vision: Community

  • Government and corporate hindrance of efforts to create a wilderness tourism economy in support of a small rural community now faced with an uncertain future.


  • 1. To call upon the B.C. Liberals to establish a moratorium on industrial logging adjacent to southern Wells Gray Park until such time as:
    • a. Its Mountain Caribou show definite signs of recovery.
    • b. The Guiding Principles agreement is reinstated as a formal government objective.
  • 2. To also call upon CANFOR to stand down from further logging in the Upper Clearwater Valley for the duration of the moratorium.

Click on any of the first seven tabs at top right to read a tale of government intrigue, duplicity and betrayal – or else go directly to the juicy stuff here: letter to the Premier, letter to CANFOR.

Click on the final two tabs, Please Speak Out! and Greenwash Alert!, to let the B.C. Liberals how you feel about 16 years of environmental deregulation – policies that punish the environment and hollow out rural communities.


The Upper Clearwater Referral Group is a citizen committee established in November 2000 by the B.C. Ministry of Forests to ensure adherence to a formal, government-sponsored Local Use agreement called the Guiding Principles for the Management of Land and Resources in the Upper Clearwater Valley.

In 2014, Canada’s federal government formally designated the proposed moratorium areas marked in red as Critical Habitat for Caribou under the Species at Risk Act. Surely it’s not too much to ask the B.C. government to establish a moratorium here on industrial logging until Wells Gray’s Mountain Caribou show definite signs of recovery. Please speak out while there’s still time.

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