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How to Help Us Help the Mountain Caribou

  • The easiest and most effective way to help resolve both of the issues raised in this website – the precipitous decline of the Mountain Caribou in Wells Gray Park and government betrayal of a formal land-use agreement – is to write directly to Premier John Horgan.

Here’s Our Ask

  • The Upper Clearwater Referral Group calls upon premier Horgan to establish a moratorium on industrial logging adjacent to southern Wells Gray Park until such time as Wells Gray’s Mountain Caribou herds show definite signs of recovery. At a minimum, the moratorium area should correspond to lands mapped as ‘critical habitat’ on page 87 of the SARA report, Recovery Strategy for the Woodland Caribou, Southern Mountain population.
  • The Upper Clearwater Referral Group also calls upon CANFOR to stand down from further logging near southern Wells Gray for the duration of the moratorium – and so live up to its widely publicized commitment to its social license. (See Don Kayne’s statement to special committee.)
  • Four different B.C. governments have understood the need to provide lasting sanctuary for the now-doubly-endangered, uniquely Canadian Mountain Caribou: first by establishing Wells Gray Park in 1939 (Premier Tom Patullo, Liberal), second by extending it southward in 1955 (Premier W.A.C. Bennett, Social Credit), third by linking it northwards to Bowron Lake Park in 1995 (Premier Mike Harcourt, NDP), and fourth, most recently, by extending it southward again in 1997 (Premier Glen Clark, NDP). So why won’t the B.C. Liberal government do its part today to halt the decline of the world’s second largest remaining population of southern Mountain Caribou?

    Please Send a Letter or E-mail to

    • The Honourable John Horgan
      Premier of British Columbia
      Box 9041
      Station PROV GOVT
      Victoria, BC V8W 9E1
    • Be sure to include your name and mailing address!

    What to Tell the Premier

    • That you are concerned for the welfare of the endangered Mountain Caribou – Canada’s only uniquely Canadian large mammal.
    • That you support the call for a moratorium on industrial logging adjacent to southern Wells Gray Provincial Park, as recently put forward by the Upper Clearwater Referral Group.
    • That the Mountain Caribou population of southern Wells Gray Park has declined by about 60% during the 16 years the B.C. Liberals were, i.e., from about 300 animals in 2001 to fewer than 125 in 2015.
    • That logging outside the park is widely accepted as the ultimate cause of this decline.
    • That the proposed moratorium area was federally designated in 2014 as critical habitat for caribou by the Federal government under the Species at Risk Act.
    • That notwithstanding this, BC’s Ministry of Forest, Land and Natural Resource Operations awarded several cutting permits within the past year, most recently in December.
    • That the southern Mountain Caribou occurs almost entirely in B.C. and therefore the B.C. government has ultimate responsibility for their survival and recovery.

    Personal Perspectives

    • Your experience of Wells Gray, your love of untouched landscapes, comparisons with other regions of the world you’ve lived in or visited, the importance of wild places to contemporary society losing touch with the living green world, etc.

    Final Paragraph

    • Encourage the Premier to live up to his party’s commitment to endangered species legislation by establishing a moratorium on industrial logging adjacent to southern Wells Gray Park before it is too late.

    If Sending an E-mail, Please CC to One or More of the Following

    • Hon. George Heyman, Minister of Environment & Climate Change Strategy
    • Hon. Doug Donaldson, Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development
    • Hon. Andrew Weaver, Green Party Leader
    • Hon. Catherine McKenna, Federal Minister of Environment & Climate Change

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